Limitations of a Ceramic Coating

limitations of a ceramic coating

Ceramic Coatings have been deemed the most effective and almost permanent manner of protecting an exterior or surface. They outperform waxes when it comes to long-term protection as well as maintaining the exterior clean of stain marks, dirt, and grime that build up over time. So what are the exact benefits and limitations of Ceramic coatings? What can and can’t they do?


Limitations of a ceramic coating: 

Protection from harsh scratches and Swirl Marks

Ceramic coatings, although can help in the prevention of scratches, cannot fully protect against them. Scratches, swirl marks, and rock chips can still cause permanent damage to the exterior. The way to prevent this is by opting for more advanced protection such as a paint protection film.


Counteract biweekly washing

Although Ceramic Coatings help with daily maintenance as any water that touches the surface removes dirt and grime because of the coating’s hydrophobic properties- this does not mean that the exterior does not require a full washdown. 


Removal of ALL spots left of the exterior

Ceramic Coatings ward off marks left from water, but this does not mean that liquids that contain natural minerals and soluble particles will start off the surface after the water has evaporated. These marks will need to be removed with products like a waterless wash or an actual full washdown.


What they can do:

Chemically bond to paintwork and create a layer of protection

Ceramic coatings are a chemical polymer solution that when applied to an exterior prevent external paint damage. They chemically bond to the exterior, therefore, preventing the original paintwork from being scratched or damaged from contaminants all while creating an additional hydrophobic layer of protection. Due to its chemically intrinsic properties, these coatings don’t break down in the rain or during summer.


Protect from UV rays

UV rays can cause irreversible damage to a car’s original paintwork, the layer of a ceramic coating although invisible to the eye, protects the paintwork from fading, oxidizing, and wearing.  


Protection against chemical damage & bird droppings

What’s one major thing that drivers cannot properly prevent while driving? The answer is Bird droppings. Not only can they cause damage to the exterior area they may contain small rocks while being removed, but the acidity of the droppings themselves can also damage the paintwork of a car.  Ceramic Coatings prevent the acid from the droppings from causing said damage and as if helps prevent scratches it also in turn stops the droppings from causing even more destruction. 


Make maintenance easier

Its hydrophobic properties make maintenance super easy as the water droplets or rain cling to any dirt or grime and wash them away without leaving any watermarks. 


Maintain showroom shine

Aesthetically a ceramic coating shines like no other. It creates a deep layer of gloss that brings the very best out of the original paint job. 


For more information about Ceramic Coatings and their benefits check out this blog article.





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