Detailing at Home: Why It’s Important and How to Make It Easier

Detailing is important for your car and can be easily done at home.

Detailing at home may seem overwhelming, but it is a vital part of being a good car owner. Maintaining the health of your car is important for several reasons and detailing is actually easier than you might think. Here we have three reasons detailing is important and a few tips and some of the best detailing car products.

Why Detailing Is Important

There are countless reasons regular detailing is vital for your car’s health. However, here are three we think are the most important.

Protect Your Investment

It doesn’t matter if you’ve just bought a brand new car or have had a used vehicle for a few years now, your car is an investment. You’ve spent your hard-earned money on a car and you deserve to keep that investment as valuable as it can be.

Like any other maintenance on a car, detailing helps your car last longer and retain value. The use of an Onyx graphene or ceramic coating keeps your car’s clear coat from breaking down, prevents plastics from fading, and minimizes the impact of regular wear and tear. Your car’s appearance and resale value will stay stronger for longer.

Increase Longevity

Any car that is driven regularly will be exposed to harmful contaminants like dirt, weather, chemicals, and bugs. However, there are several things you can do to increase the longevity of your car in the face of these risks.

First, adding some kind of topcoat to your vehicle will help maintain your paint and base coat. Waxes, sealants, or coatings are all great options in preventing contaminants from latching onto the paint. Detailing car products like an Onyx Nano Coating will also help protect your paint from fading in the sun’s UV rays.


Believe it or not, detailing can play a role in car safety. Driving in wet weather can be hazardous but glass coatings can help immensely with this. When your windshield is coated, water beads off the glass easier. Fewer contaminants stick to coated glass and wipers work better on coated windshields as well, allowing for higher visibility.


How to Make Detailing at Home Easier

Be Proactive

Our first tip to make detailing easier is to be proactive. Don’t wait until your car is completely filthy to give it a good wash. Make cleaning your car a regular part of your weekly routine, like cleaning the dishes or doing laundry.

Invest in Quality Detailing Car Products

Your car’s maintenance is not a time to buy cheaper, lower-quality products. Onyx Coating has some of the best detailing car products for at-home detailers.

Our waterless wash is a maintenance product that uses wax to clean and protect at once. The wash is guaranteed not to scratch your car, requires no bucket, hose, or rinsing, and can be used almost anywhere. It is effective on all paints, gel coats, and clear coat finishes, along with trims and metals.

If you’re looking to add to your car’s appearance while adding protection the Onyx Coating gloss enhancer is your best choice. This simple to use product is applied with a quick spray-on and wipe-off. It can restore paint color and will leave a freshly waxed look while maintaining the original sparkle and shine.


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