How Does Nano Ceramic Coating Function?

Onyx Nano Ceramic Coating is a professional product designed for the use of professionals to protect a car´s exterior. Weather and events can be unpredictable so it is important to prepare beforehand and ensure that the car´s exterior is protected before a storm arrives.

What makes Onyx´s Nano coating different from other ceramic coatings is that our coating contains nanoparticles in the product that binds easily and effectively to the surface creating the perfect layer of protection against paint and exterior damage.

Just as sunscreen protects skin against UV rays, a car´s exterior needs the same. Sunscreen binds to the skin for a temporary amount of time for this protection, whereas Nano Ceramic Coating lasts longer than other protective products and regular paint and forms a permanent 10H ceramic barrier. This ensures superb durability and also a high-gloss exterior that makes the car exterior even more attractive.

If you want to learn more about what the Nano Ceramic Coating is exactly check out this blog 


How does it work exactly?

After application, the nanoparticles in the Onyx Nano Ceramic Coating form a layer and create an inseparable bond with your paintwork. Removal is very difficult. After the surface of the car is ready and is non-absorbent, the nanoparticles combine with the surface and from then onwards liquids are repelled taking any surface contaminants with them. This nanocoating forms an invisible layer that acts as a barrier similar to glass.

With this product applied to a car´s exterior, it is impossible for pollutants and chemicals to enter this barrier. Imagine that you are inside and looking out through a glass window, dirt begins to accumulate and then it rains. As the rain washes off the dirt, watermarks tend to stay off the surface. Using this Nano-Ceramic technology the surface directly repels water and the water picks up any dirt, dust, or mud and removes it. Which means less exterior maintenance.

Important benefits of Onyx Nano Ceramic Coating:

Our Nano Ceramic Coating products will bind to your car´s exterior like no other, giving the car the exterior protection it needs against not just mud & dirt but also chemicals and UV rays. What more could you ask out of the superior protection for professional exterior protection?


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