How to Apply Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating has multiple benefits for protecting a car’s exterior. This includes protecting from scratches, bird and bat droppings, mud & dirt, UV & chemical resistance, and many more incredible benefits. In saying that, it is very important to understand how to apply this professional product. This is a product that should be applied by professionals detailers.

Our tips for application 

We want to share with you some basic tips to help make sure that the ceramic coating is applied correctly & give the car the ultimate shine.

  1. When applying ceramic coating it is highly important to ensure that it is applied in a well-ventilated and dust-free area.

  2. We recommended to use a protective mask and wear professional Nitrile gloves for your safety

What does our Ceramic Coating Kit include?  


Before applying the Ceramic Coating:

1:  Wash the car with soap and water, using the two-bucket method

2:  Remove all dust.

3: Use wax remover or use dilated alcohol to remove the layer of wax

4:  Dry the car and let it sit in an enclosed or shady spot

Note: Please note it is best to apply most ceramic coatings to a surface between 50-degrees and 70-degrees Fahrenheit that is perfectly clean and smooth.

Applying the Ceramic Coating 

1: Plan your work. Apply the Onyx Ceramic Coating in small sections, such as one body panel at a time and if possible work in a team where one person applies the coating, and the other is ready to wipe

2:  Dab the applicator cloth with the ceramic coating, as directed.

3:  Working in small areas, apply the Onyx Ceramic coating

4: After applying a section, allow the product to set

6: Wipe the area with an Onyx towel

7: Let the product cure for 3 hours in a covered area, without moving the car

8: Wash the car 1 week after

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