Everything you need to know about Nano Ceramic Coating


What is a ceramic coating? 

Simply put Ceramic Coating is a second layer applied onto a car’s exterior to protect it. It is clear and doesn’t have any negative impacts on the paintwork. In fact, it protects this paintwork from outside contaminants. This kind of coating also is used as a shield against any of these contaminants that can degrade the appearance of the car.


As mentioned in the previous blog post, Ceramic Coating is where Nanoparticles join together to create a fine, thin layer that is impossible to see. It bonds to the surface to protect the paintwork and the car´s exterior long term. 


The image below illustrates how a nano-ceramic coating penetrates paintwork, turning a previously unprotected paint job into a rock-hard surface. 

Onyx Coating TIP: Ceramic coating should be applied professional, if not and it is used in DIY you can leave your car with permanent marks and streaks. It will bond to the paint permanently using a covalent bond. 


Why are there so many Ceramic Coating products?

To ensure that each product performs correcting and bonds correctly, there are different products for different surfaces. There are different protective products for leather, wheels, paint, glass, carpets, etc. 


What does the 10H mean?

A 10H  ceramic coat rating does not correlate to nearly diamond level hardness levels, but the amount of pressure the coating can withstand before a mark or line can be seen.

While this may not protect your car’s hood from that rock that fell out of the dump truck, it can help in other ways. It can reduce the number of small scratches, scuffs, swirl marks, and road debris embedded in your clear coat. 

Products with 10H hardness are now one of the most recognized products for car exterior protection in the world due to its nanotechnology. This technology guarantees protection against bird droppings, oxidation, UV ray damage, scratches, and more!


Onyx Coating TIP: Our team recommends that if you live in a region that is prone to developing rust, for example, is cold weather environments or coastal regions, a layer of Nano-Ceramic Coating can drastically reduce the potential of rust.


Why not just use wax?

Ceramic coatings outperform both waxes and sealants and both fall short in both protection and longevity. Due to the lack of permanency wax is no longer the best form of protecting a car´s exterior and paintwork. 


Onyx Coating tips for application 

Proper Prep Work and Application. Application on clean surfaces helps the coating bond better, penetrate imperfections and porous areas properly, and cure harder. 

How to maintain the Ceramic Coating

The best way to keep a ceramic coated vehicle looking sharp is to regularly hand wash the entire vehicle with water and a pH neutral car shampoo. Make sure that your shampoo does not contain any waxes or sealants either. Additionally, use the two-bucket handwashing technique every other week.

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