Reasons to avoid cheap Ceramic Coatings

Reasons why to avoid cheap Ceramic Coatings

Nowadays one can purchase Ceramic Coatings online and even on Amazon and eBay. when it comes to purchasing a Ceramic Coating we always recommend that you purchase one that is of superior quality and will provide the results you are searching for. Many brands sold on Amazon and eBay make false claims about the abilities of these coatings and in fact barely reach the bare minimum of what is expected of a Ceramic Coating. 


Some of these false claims include: 

Although these coatings can cost as little as $20, the price isn’t what you should be looking out for. It’s the quality of the product. If you are a professional or somewhat of an expert in this field, you would know that low-quality Ceramic Coatings are just not worth it for a variety of reasons. These include their overall look and feel, their slickness and hydrophobic abilities as well as their chemical resistance. 

This blog article will outline all the reasons why you should avoid purchasing low-cost Ceramic Coatings and buying these products on Amazon or eBay. 


General points to keep in mind

Although the product may function, even if it is for a year, the user experience is important, and with some coatings that can be purchased on Amazon, you may find that the coatings aren’t as easy to apply and might not be as smooth. When applying the coatings, spreadability is crucial. Low-cost Ceramic Coatings result in low-quality results as well as low-quality products that are tough to work with. 

Wipe off- after the application, the surface must be wiped down. This also ensures a streak-free look. Cheap Ceramic Coatings may make this just a little bit harder as the surface might grip the microfiber towel more than other coatings. The process of wiping the surface should not be time-consuming, if it is, this is a direct result of the quality of the product and shows that the product isn’t worth it as wiping it down too much might scratch the finish. 

If the consistency is thick it will be harder to spread the product over the surface which could cause problems with application. Due to its quality, you might have to wait for it to cure for a long period of time vs. with higher quality Ceramic Coatings. 


The overall look & gloss after application of various Amazon & eBay bought products

One of the Ceramic Coatings’ main features is its ability to enhance the paintwork making it shiny and glossy as if the car was brand new. It’s clear that the higher the quality of a Ceramic Coating, the better the results and enhancements as well as reflective glass. Although some coatings bought on Amazon can show some results, these are generally temporary and therefore a waste of money. 


Slickness & ability to reduce friction

Another feature that is critical when deciding on which Ceramic Coating you are going to apply is its slickness. Generally, the rule states that the better the slickness the better its ability to reduce friction is. The slickness allows water droplets and oil to slip off the surface, preventing these properties from penetrating the coating. 


Hydrophobic properties

One of the most important and promoted features of a good Ceramic Coating has always been its superhydrophobic nature. Purchasing a low-quality and low-cost Ceramic Coating means that you will not gain the expert level hydrophobic properties that a superior quality Ceramic Coating provides. Generally, cheap coatings may provide some hydrophobic abilities, however, these abilities quickly wear out and are not as protective. 


Chemical resistance 

Chemical resistance indicates the coating’s resistance towards environmental contamination as well as car wash and cleaning chemicals as well as their overall durability. Hydrophobic properties also help prevent the chemicals from penetrating the surface, meaning that the higher the quality of the product, the better its hydrophobic properties and chemical resistance are. 

When applying chemical-infused products, Ceramic Coatings that are sold on Amazon tend to show little to no chemical resistance. The chemicals tend to dwell on the surface and in the long run, they would penetrate the coating. Over time the hydrophobic layers break down if the Ceramic Coating doesn’t have the best quality. As this layer breaks down, the efficiency of the coating drastically falls and the coatings become almost useless. 


Another thing to keep in mind is the accessories that come with the product itself. With low-cost coatings, come low-cost accessories. At the end of the day to get the best performing coating possible and the finest protection, it’s worth investing in high-quality coatings as its results are incomparable. 


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