How to clean a car trunk & headliner like an expert

In this blog article, we are going to discuss all the tips and tricks as well as techniques of cleaning the car trunk interior as well as the headliner leaving them as clean as can be, like an expert.  

Firstly, clean the interior carpets as well as floor mats, for the step-by-step guide for this check out this blog.

The next step to cleaning a car interior like an expert is cleaning the car trunk as well as the headliner. This isn’t a tricky process but a rather easy step-by-step process that can be carried out by anyone, car expert or not. 


Cleaning the car trunk

What you will need:


-Hard bristle brush

-Soft bristle brush

-Microfiber towel

-Interior detailer cleaner 

Interior protectant






Start by removing any objects that are inside the car trunk. Then remove the trunk floor mats so that they can be cleaned outside the car. Vacuum the car trunk then remove extra tires and vacuum underneath. Use a hard bristle brush again to dig deep into the trunk carpet to remove dirt that couldn’t be removed otherwise. 

Grab your interior detailed cleaner and apply it to the plastic trim piece. Apply the interior detailer cleaner to the soft bristle brush and clean the plastic trim piece of the trunk, wiping the excess off with a microfiber towel. 

Apply interior protectant to the plastic trim piece with a soft bristle brush and again remove excess with a microfiber towel. 

The interior of the trunk isn´t the only thing that needs to be cleaned. Make sure to clean in all the places that are on the outside (rain gutters). Remove any dirt, leaves, etc with a vacuum. 


Cleaning the headliner

This can be a little tricky as it is quite delicate. If you add too many products and are too aggressive when cleaning damaging the adhesive or the material itself, the headliner could sag. The idea is only to clean the surface. 

What you will need: 

-Carpet cleaner

-Soft bristle brush

-Microfiber towel 


Pro tip: use as little liquid as possible, start by dry cleaner the headline to remove any dirt and scuff marks. 


For this step, you will only need to focus on any dirt or scuff marks

Use the microfiber towel to rub back and forth to remove the scuff mark.  Grab a soft bristle brush and rub it carefully back and forth to remove the dirt.  If the stain is deeply embedded you will need to use the carpet cleaner by applying it to a microfiber towel until the majority of it has been absorbed. Work this microfiber towel into the headliner until clean.

If there are any marks left, spray the soft bristle brush with carpet cleaner and carefully rub it back and forth to remove the mark. The last step is to wipe the area down with a microfiber towel. The odds are if you leave the watermark to dry, it will leave a mark. The expert way to avoid this is by brushing the watermark out by blending it into the dry section. 


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