How Ceramic Coatings outperform car waxes

Car wax is officially a thing of the past, with the incredible benefits of Ceramic Coatings, car professionals and experts are turning to use them instead of car waxes to protect a car’s exterior. The results are incomparable when applying Ceramic Coating vs. car wax. To show exactly why you should be opting for Ceramic Coating for your car or your client’s car, we have created the ultimate list of undeniable benefits that this product delivers. 

The benefits of our Ceramic Coatings fall under six main categories which include: Finish, protection, longevity, usability, applicability, and resale. Each category represents exactly why Ceramic Coatings beat car waxes in their performance. 

The finish 

First of all, the finish just isn’t the same. Although when car wax is applied it does add an extra shine and gloss, Ceramic Coatings deliver a finish that isn’t only deeply glossy and reflective but also durable. This highly glossy and slick look simply just can’t be matched by regular wax.


Whilst wax is combined with solvents and beeswax to create a similar protective layer on top of the car’s paint, Ceramic Coatings actually creates a chemical bond with the surface it’s applied to. This increases its ability to protect the paintwork and exterior from UV rays, bird droppings, chemicals, and scratches. 

Our ultra-hard 10H & N1 Ceramic coating provides the protection every car deserves: 


Every three months a car wax must be reapplied, if not the exterior and paintwork are no longer protected. Ceramic Coatings last up to 10 years with proper application. Not only does this save time, but it also saves money and effort. 



Ceramic Coatings must be applied professionally. Due to its application process, it should be done by an expert who has the right tools and knowledge. However, it can be maintained by anyone, professional or not, by keeping the exterior clean. 



As a result of the materials that Ceramic Coatings are made out of, it can be applied to any type of material such as Chrome, aluminum, steel, composites, plastic, glass, you name it and it can be applied.


Protecting the exterior and paintwork with Ceramic Coating guarantees protection against scratches, bird droppings, UV rays, and chemicals. This ensures that the car is not only protected physically but also financially. By applying a ceramic coating, the owner can maintain the value of the car for a long period of time. 




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