Protecting Your Glass – The Impact of Micro-scratches

One of the most common forms of damage to a vehicle is something that is considered minor, but can have an impact on your view and visibility as you drive. Micro-scratches. You’ve likely all seen them on the windshield of your car at some point. Small, almost imperceptible scratches that build up and distort light as it comes through the glass.

Where the effect is typically not as pronounced during the day, the big problems with micro-scratches come with the night. As light from sources such as car lights, traffic lights, and road signs become distorted through them. With the scratches creating a light hazing effect as you look at what could be critical information on the road. Even during the day, they can hamper one’s view, and taint a scenic drive. Along with the look of the car itself, creating a noticably worn effect when looked at under decent lighting.

The reason that these scratches are so common is because the windshield is a leading surface on your vehicle. As such it is faced with dirt, debris, small rocks, and other matter flying into it as you drive. Other glass panes are not as succeptible to microscratches, but can still be effected due to passing debris and other matter hitting them during a drive. Where there are ways to fix it, we strongly advocate that prevention is better than cure.

As such, this is one of the reasons why we recommend a ceramic coating for the glass on your car. With the coating being completely transparent, hard, and firmly bonded to the glass. It prevents scratching on the surface, while keeping the windshield clear. With the annual recommended maintenance to a coating, this can be used to prevent scratches, and costly repairs in future.

This while also keeping the vehicle looking factory new, and keeping your view on the road crystal clear. Whether for the long scenic drives, showing off at a car show, or just that added peace of mind when driving in low light conditions.

Photo courtesy of riciardus on Pexels.

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