Bring in the New Year with the latest Onyx Coating products

As a business owner, you want the best for your clients. And as a car owner, you want the best for your vehicle. Right now, we have some incredible new products that will make every vehicle look its best.


Graphene Pure

New this year is Graphene Pure, an advanced protective coating that will keep your car protected and looking great. This product is designed with the incredibly advanced Graphene infused Ceramic Coating technology that forms a bond with the exterior that protects like no other. The thick layer of coating that provides a 10H is formulated with small molecules that enhance its protective abilities as a result of this bond between the car’s exterior and the product.


 Achieve an outstanding gloss and sleekness that looks incomparably good and also protects against chemicals with its anti-chemical resistant properties as well as providing protection against water, dirt, bird droppings, and UV rays.


Graphene Spray

 We’re also offering similar protection in a simple way: the new Graphene Spray, an easy-to-apply coating that resists scratches and repels water and chemicals.


This Graphene and Sio2 infused product provides the perfect shield against contaminants and can be applied with a simple 2-step process. Solely spray then wipe the exterior to accomplish an amazing glossy and sleek shine that provides the durable, chemical resistant exterior you have been searching for. 


When applied to a surface this water-based, Graphene Spray establishes a dual-layer. The top layer produces a glossy and sleek look that maximizes scratch resistance whilst the bottom layer focuses on providing water repellency as well as chemical resistance to maximize durability. This is the only product in the market that has the ability to resist a pure multi-purpose cleaner as a result of its durability.


Metal & wood coating

Onyx also doesn’t just offer products for cars.  Our new Metal and Wood Coating offers protection for surfaces inside homes, automobiles, and even boats.

The ultimate protection against any contaminants and damage for both metal and wooden surfaces. Apply it to any metal or wooden surface to prevent damage caused by oil, general spills, chemicals, and even UV rays.

This coating is especially great for protecting boats against rough conditions. Once applied this coating prevents damage caused by the high corrosiveness of salt, Uv rays, acids, alkalies, exhaust, and algae or shell contaminants.

Infused and created with the latest Nano-technology, this coating forms a tight and secure bond with the surface it is applied to lasting up to 2 years. This is the perfect product to

keep any metal or wooden surface in tip-top condition with an incredible shine like no other all while providing outstanding chemical resistance as well as a hydrophobic layer.


Marine coatings

If you’re looking for an extra layer of damage prevention, the new Hull & Deck Marine 10H Coating offers top-of-the-line protection for boats.

The environment out at sea can cause permanent damage that can easily be prevented by applying a hull and deck coating. The new Hull & Deck Marine 10H Coating is the product that every boat needs to survive the rough conditions out at sea. 

Often damage is caused by the high corrosiveness of salt, Uv rays, acids, alkalies, exhaust, and algae or shell contaminants that leave structural damage as well as ruin the overall appearance. 

Simply wash and dry the exterior. Clean the surface using our Paint Prep product to remove wax, silicone, and residues with a microfiber towel. Then apply the Hull & Deck Marine coating waiting a full 48 hours before submerging into water.  

This Marine coating provides outstanding chemical resistance as well as corrosion prevention all whilst providing an incredibly glossy, shine. With proper maintenance, this coating lasts up to 2 years.  


New accessories & tools

Microfibre towel: 

While you’re buying the best treatments for your vehicle, the key to an effective exterior clean also lies with the equipment you choose. Our new microfibre towel and microfiber wash mitt are the best choices to apply protective coatings to your vehicle and keep it clean.


​​Achieve a brilliant shine with our Falke 520 Edgeless Detailing Towel. This towel is a luxuriously plush 520 GSM, which is custom-designed with a special wave circular knit. It provides the best results when detailing a car, and can be used for a wide variety of jobs. 


Fluffy wash mitt

​​The Onyx Coating Fluffy Mitt assists in removing contaminants and build-up without causing exterior damage that many cloths often do. This microfiber glove is perfect for removing stains and helps easily remove all nooks and crannies.

Whether it is for a workshop, a business, or your everyday enthusiast, our new products provide outstanding results every time. Give your car the luxury treatment and watch it shine.


Stay tuned as our new website launches with all of these products available to purchase at your fingertips!

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