Protecting motorcycles with Ceramic Coatings

We’ve all heard about all the benefits of applying a ceramic coating to a car, but did you know that you can get the exact same benefits if you apply it to a motorcycle? Our Ceramic Coatings are versatile and can be applied to all types of vehicles to obtain a perfectly protected exterior. 


In this blog article, we are going to go over exactly how to apply the ceramic coating to a motorcycle and all the benefits that you can obtain once the coating has been applied. 


How exactly to apply the coating to a motorcycle

Just like when applying a ceramic coating to a car you need to apply it in sections. For the perfect application we recommend following these steps:

  1. First of all, shake well before using.
  2.  Wipe on the ceramic coating, covering an entire panel or panel section evenly with a thin coat. Any “touch-ups” of missed spots should be done after the initial product has been buffed (step 2). If additional coats are desired, wait until the initial coating is fully hardened (1-4 Hours).
  3.  Approximately 1-5 minutes after application (depending on temperature and humidity) to the panel or section gently buff to a gloss with a dry microfiber towel. Do not allow the product to dry completely. 
  4.  In high (100° F +, 38° C +) temperatures drying time may need to be reduced to less than 1 minute to ensure that coating is not dried completely. 
  5.  If you notice any missed spots after buffing, you can re-treat the spot with Onyx Coating Resin and re-buff the area with a microfibre towel. 
  6.  Always test an inconspicuous area to confirm compatibility, pay special attention to airbrushed or custom paintwork. 
  7. Be sure to check all areas after application to make sure no spots need re-buffing. 
  8.  Ready for light / dry driving after 8 hrs. Product cures within 4 hours. The coating will exhibit additional hardening over the next 7-14 days.


And if you are wondering about all the incredible benefits that you can achieve with our Ceramic Coating check out the list below: 

Ceramic coating amplifies the finish of automotive paint to an extent where it does slightly surpass a general ceramic coating.  


Due to the sleekness of the coating as well as hydrophobic properties, it’s almost impossible that watermarks would be left on the exterior, leaving a perfectly clean surface. 


The motorcycle’s paintwork won’t get damaged, even when removing bird droppings. 


One of the graphene ceramic coating abilities is its hydrophobic behavior, when it comes to chemical resistance this is where this ability comes in handy. The hydrophobic layer prevents the chemicals from sitting or dwelling on the surface. This in turn stops the chemicals from penetrating the coatings and then damaging the paintwork.  


Our Ceramic Coatings were created to provide the ultimate layer of protection that lasts.


Maintenance couldn’t be easier once Ceramic Coating has been applied. The hydrophobic properties work to maintain the exterior clean without daily maintenance. 


So there you have it! If you are looking for more information about ceramic coatings and graphene ceramic coatings check out this blog article. 



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