Ceramic Coatings for beginners & DIY projects

There are plenty of ceramic coatings that can be applied to a car’s exterior by a professional, but what about some products that help protect the exterior that are DIY? We know that not everyone has the time or money to take your car to a car body shop, which is exactly why we wanted to dig into a list of alternatives that you can do at home yourself!


First of all, the reasons why it’s necessary to apply some type of coating or layer of protection to an exterior is to prevent permanent damage to the paintwork which could cost thousands later on. Rather than letting the exterior receive damage, we take preventive steps to ensure that every car exterior looks shiny and brand new with zero damage. 


How does this damage take place? There are several factors that can cause permanent damage the main few being:

Bird droppings

These are hard to remove and can cause scratches that will later have to be buffed out or painted over. The coating prevents this.


UV ray damage

Every car is left outside once in and a while and even if it isn’t a car can receive UV ray damage when driven on a daily basis. The coating prevents these rays from damaging the paintwork and causing dullness.



Some products that we use to clean a car can contain harmful chemicals. You should take preventive steps and check the labels on the products you are using and just to be safe always make sure that you use some type of protective products beforehand i.e ceramic coatings or DIY hybrid ceramic coating sprays. 


Here are the three top products that we strongly recommend that you use at home to up your exterior protection game

Hybrid Ceramic Spray

The Onyx Coating hybrid ceramic spray is unlike any ceramic spray in the detailing world. Thanks to nano-ceramic technology and the power of Onyx Coating polymer technology helps increase water, bugs, and grime repellency. Our hybrid ceramic spray leaves behind a mirror gloss finish and streak-free finish. 


Waterless wash

Although this is a maintenance product, it also contains wax to clean and protect in one easy step. New advanced formula with no scratch effect, conveniently washes and adds wax protection in one easy step. Waterless Wash can be used almost anywhere, no hose, bucket, or rinsing is required. Advanced technology contains a water spot-free formula with a high lubricity that, when used as directed, protects the surface against swirling and scratching. 


It gently cleans advanced polymer chemistry. Effective on all paints, gel coats, and clear coat finishes, as well as glass, chrome, polished metals, and plastic trim. Ideal for those who do not have access to a hose washes 3-4 cars without water in just minutes.


Gloss enhancer 

Enhance the general look of the exterior whilst adding a layer of protection. Onyx Coating gloss enhancer is a quick and easy spray-on and wipe-off product that can restore paint color and leave a wet waxed look. Our gloss enhancer is also recommended for use as a spray detailing product to refresh and protect the vehicle paint.

It restores and maintains the original sparkle and shine that makes a car glisten in the sunlight. The deeper and richer glow provided by the gloss enhancer adds to a vehicle’s curb appeal.

Onyx Coating gloss enhancer creates an unbelievable high-gloss finish and refreshes the painted finish of vehicles. It restores and maintains the original sparkle and shine that makes a car glisten in the sunlight.

Our gloss enhancer is also clear coat safe. Easy to use, our gloss enhancer is easy to apply. Simply spray it on and wipe it off to enrich automotive paints. That’s all you need to do, without any vigorous rubbing or labor-intensive polishing.


So there you have it! The three top products you can use at home are DIY and provide the results you are looking for. 

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