ONYX Coating at the British Motor Show

This year, for the first time, ONYX Coating made a showing at the annual British Motor Show in beautiful Farnborough. Nestled in the historic town, amongst both the finest of antique cars and the bleeding edge supercars of today, ONYX Coating made a showing with a product line worthy of protecting the vehicles on display. Sat just across from a range of beautiful Ferraris, the wares were shown off to a fascinated public.

As ONYX Coating makes inroads into the European market, Great Britain has been a key-avenue to penetrate the market. With this showing, the company is hoping to show the public the quality and high standards it holds. Something it did astoundingly over the course of the four-day event.

The show is an iconic display of motoring, and offers a glimpse of where the industry is going. A glimpse of a future where the latest tech and engineering offers motoring experiences like never before. A future which includes ONYX Coating protecting the cars of the future, along with the stunners of today, and the classics of the past.


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