All the important differences between a car wax, sealant & ceramic coating

To test out the main differences in performance and protection between a car wax, sealant, and ceramic coating we applied all three to a test panel. The results we found supported all our original conclusions. Them being that in terms of water repellency, chemical resistance, and overall protection any ceramic coating is a clear winner.


These tests were completed 2 months after all of the protection products had been applied and the panel was left outside for the entire period of time to test all capabilities of the products. 


First things first here are a list of benefits that come with applying a ceramic coating: 

  1. Hydrophobic behavior protects the exterior from water spots and liquid from damaging exterior
  2. Provides protection against bird droppings
  3. Creates a layer of protection against UV rays & chemicals 
  4. Guarantees long-term protection- up to 5 years
  5. Aids and assists in maintaining car cleanliness while maintaining paint
  6. Protects against scratches


The benefits of using a wax coating

  1. Protects against scratches
  2. Makes the exterior look shiny & helps maintain paint
  3. Makes your car easier to clean & repels water to a certain degree
  4. Protects against sun damage
  5. Protection from 6 weeks to 6 months 


The benefits of using a sealant 

  1. It provides a deep depth of paint
  2. Protection lasts longer than wax- lasts from 6-10 months
  3. Provides stronger protection than wax
  4. Makes it easier to wax & dry exterior- water repellency 


Just by looking at the lists of benefits, it’s obvious that the best choice will always be a ceramic coating, on the other hand, using a car wax or sealant is still a great option if you are looking to provide some level of protection without worrying about long term results.


Overall performance 

Although these three products were only applied two months ago the car wax barely held up, this already showed us all the proof we need that a car sealant or ceramic coating are the better options for long-term protection. 


Hydrophobic abilities 

The ceramic coating performed spectacularly and seemed to be about 90% as effective as its first day. Its hydrophobic properties were fully intact. Whilst the sealant, however, did show some deterioration. 


Exterior enhancement 

The wax had almost completely washed off therefore we could no longer see a shiny exterior nor its water repellency abilities. Meanwhile, the wax sealant was still performing rather well- the ceramic coating was the winner. 


UV ray protection 

It was clear that since the wax had washed off this part of the panel had been exposed to UV rays, however, no permanent damage was caused. 


Overall cleanliness 

When washed down with water most dirt and grime came off with a touchless wash where the ceramic coating had been applied. The sealant needed a little bit of soap to help remove all dirt. 

Although all three options help in terms of adding an extra layer of protection against damage, scratches, UV damage, and bird droppings- it was clear that the ceramic coating was the better option. 


For more information about how ceramic coatings vs. car waxes provide protection check out this blog article

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