An Explanation of Our Lifetime Warranty Program

This article is here to explain what we mean by our lifetime warranty in accessible terms. Particularly as it relates to application, length of warranty, and circumstances that may void said warranty.



Each bottle of our ceramic coatings contains 50mL, enough for two full coatings of a standard vehicle. Each layer will produce a 1000nm thick layer on the vehicle, so a full application of both layers will be 2000nm. This second layer is critical as it is what produces the advertised effect of either 9H or 10H depending on the product.

We understand that a detailer may choose to add an extra layer of polish after application, or may choose to make corrections based on the customer circumstances. This process using a typical cutting compound will remove somewhere between 200-300nm of surface material depending on a variety of factors. As such, we recommend using Nano Shield to restore the thickness to any affected areas. This product is designed to restore up to 400nm of lost coating, and is intended to help maintain the strength of the coating.

For the lifetime warranty to apply, we require annual maintenance to be done on the coating. This process involves touching up the vehicle using Nano Shield to restore any parts of the coating that may have been worn down or lost. The purpose of this is to protect the underlying coat of paint by keeping the coating thickness as close to 2000nm as possible. As long as this process is maintained, our lifetime warranty applies.



Our lifetime warranty is based around maintaining the thickness of the coating to guarantee that it will fully protect your car. For this warranty to apply, you will need to take your vehicle to a certified ONYX Coating applicator and have them perform the regular maintenance. During this process, they will apply a product that reapplies any material that may have been lost over the course of the last year, and guarantee the thickness of the coating. As long as this is maintained, the car will be covered by our Lifetime Warranty program. For any claims that may fall outside of the boundaries set in this article, please talk to the detailer that applied the coating.

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