The top 10 benefits of our Marine Ceramic Coatings

The long list of incredible benefits of a ceramic coating on cars are just incomparable to car waxes and the exact same goes for Marine Ceramic Coatings. When out at sea there are so many factors and contaminants that can cause permanent damage. All potential damage and problems can be avoided with a quick, easy and effective solution- Marine Ceramic Coatings.

Some of the main reasons why many choose to apply a Marine coating is the ease of maintenance as well as protection against scratches, UV rays, and chemicals. Here is our list of all the benefits you can gain from applying a marine coating.

The ultimate list of benefits of using Marine Coating:

Watch as the water beads off the desk with our superhydrophobic coating.


UV protection

Protect the paintwork from UV damage and keep its vibrant color despite the conditions while at sea and while docked.



Let the fear of rough docking be a thing of the past with a 10H coating.



With minimal maintenance, a Marine coating is guaranteed to provide protection for years to come.


Easily maintained

Our chemically resistant and anti-contaminant coating makes sure the surface is kept clean. With a coating like this one, all you need is minor occasional maintenance.


Beautiful gloss & finish

A coating like this provides the perfect finish that just isn’t compatible with other products.


Contaminant resistant

Our ceramic coatings make the surface resistant to corrosion and oxidation, keeping it contaminant-free always. Created with strong bond that is guaranteed to last.
Our products bond tightly with the surface to maintain a uniform cover and protect the surfaces evenly.


Top quality materials
We use the highest grade Si02 ingredients when it comes down to making our coatings. Making for a solid and stable coating that provides the very best protection.


Environmentally safe ingredients
Each of our products is made with environmentally safe ingredients to keep your vessel eco-friendly and compliant.


Important information & FAQ’S for applying a Marine coating:

Can I use a microfiber cloth to apply the coating?
The coating should be applied with the applicator included with the product. By gliding the coating on it is applied efficiently.

How long does the coating have to dry for?
We suggest that after application that you leave the coating for at least 8 hours to cure. Once the first coat has healed you can go in and apply a second coat.

How long before I can wet the surface?
Wait at least 24 hours before applying any water to the surface and a minimum of 7 days before applying any soap or cleaners.

How many layers of the coating can I apply?
We recommend a maximum of two layers to achieve the ultimate protection. The second layer fills in any spots you might have missed.

Does location matter when applying the coating?
Although this may seem obvious we have to mention that these types of coatings should NOT be applied under direct sunlight. The surface should be out of the sunlight and in a cool dry area.


For more FAQ’s head over to our website.

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