How to remove high spots

Sometimes after the ceramic coating application process white marks, also known as high spots, can be left on the exterior, so what causes these marks and how can they be removed?

Even professional details face this issue from time to time and it’s probably the most common problem encountered when Ceramic Coating is applied.  High spots are generally caused due to insufficient buffing on the coating when applying it. To avoid this work in small sections and panels. Spend time on each section. Make sure the coating is leveled and all the residue is removed by buffing with a microfiber cloth before moving on to the next section. 

Another overlooked notion that is often skipped is working with appropriate lighting. To professionally apply the ceramic coating, use a flashlight for inspection after application. We also suggest that you can check for high spots by taking the car outside on a cloudy day. That way you can check for dark patches or high spots. 


How to fix high spots

1. Use a microfiber cloth to even coating

Once the coating has cured and hardened it can’t be leveled out with a microfiber cloth. This is why you should search for high spots after application. Inspect using a flashlight or mobile flashlight.


2. Applying coating on the high spot

If the previous method doesn’t work, apply a small amount and layer of coating to the area to make the high spot invisible. Use only 1-2 drops on the applicator. Then buff out with a separate microfiber cloth. 


3. Polish by hand

If either of the previous methods do not work, we suggest that you need to level or flatten the high spot by polishing it by hand or by using a machine. This only rarely happens and this technique is only for when the previous two methods do not function. 


Top tips for avoiding high spots


If you have any more doubts about how to effectively apply a ceramic coating check out this blog article

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