3 obstacles in car detailing

3 obstacles in car detailing

Detailing involves various unique situations, challenges, and obstacles that can be hard to overcome, but not with the solutions we will provide! Detailing in itself can be challenging as each vehicle brings in a new issue along with its owner’s questions and unique requests. 

In this blog article, we outline the three top hurdles that you’ll encounter in your professional shop or at-home workspace and how to prevent them.


1. Work environment

Your work and business all begin with where you work, this is exactly why it’s essential to start your work with a clean, organized environment. This is a crucial element of your workmanship and also provides visual support for how you work with your clients. 

Without regular maintenance and upkeep, cleanliness becomes an issue. This can lead to a buildup of dirt and dust which not only contaminates all your tools, pads, and microfiber towels but also the environment itself. Then when working on cars this contamination gets locked into ceramic coatings while they are being applied. 


2. Client expectations

One of the most important and hardest obstacles in this industry is managing a client’s expectations. It’s often found that they do not understand exactly how the products work and how vehicles are fixed. Not only this but their requests constantly change and each can be very unique. 

Being a professional involves keeping the customers’ expectations in check and guiding them through exactly what you can do as a detailer. We recommend that you facilitate a collaborative working relationship, giving them an idea of what your exact skills are and being explicit about what you can do. 


3. Detailing limitations

Keep in mind that removing every single defect from a single car is near impossible. It’s important to understand the limits of detailing and exactly what level of detailing is achievable. Keep up to date with the latest products and tools to fully comprehend how each and every one of them can help you achieve the ultimate detailing possible. The key is to work smarter and recognize how each new product and tool can help you reach your goals.  


So there you have it! Follow these top 3 tips to prevent running into these detailing obstacles in the future.

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