How Nano Coating prevents rust

There are many benefits of protecting a car´s exterior with Onyx Nano-Ceramic Coating. Included in these benefits are scratch prevention, damage prevention from UV rays, or bird droppings, it also prolongs the life of a car by providing protection against chemicals, pollution, and weather conditions. Nano-Ceramic coating is used to maintain the car´s exterior and provides a glossy surface that looks like brand new. With all this being said, can Nano-ceramic coating help prevent rust?

Over time a car’s exterior is exposed to water, dust, and mud. This can lead to the car rusting and causing permanent damage to the car that needs to be repaired. The creation of Nano-technology prevents this issue from occurring as well as many other benefits. 


How does Nano Coating prevent rust?

Hundreds of problems can occur during the lifetime of a car, may that be mechanical problems or problems that occur on the interior or exterior of the car. Another issue that occurs is the development of rust. This happens when metal components are exposed to water, air, or salt. A car´s body can start to rust if the paint surface gets scratched. The Nano-Ceramic Coating fills microscopic indentations and imperfections which also, therefore, prevents water from touching the original surface and car´s paint. Water and oxygen are the two main causes of rusting, the Nano Ceramic Coating creates this invisible protective shield that prevents both of these from touching the car´s real surface.

Some of the biggest benefits of applying Nano-ceramic coating as mentioned above are that this coating creates a layer making the car´s exterior UV resistant. The coating deflects the UV rays and prevents it from penetrating directly into the paint surface of the car. This also creates extra protection against gas, oil, saltwater, and in turn decreases the likelihood of paint damage. 

This coating performs better and has longer durability than wax. This product has officially taken over the market because of its several benefits. The ceramic coating layer is smooth and gives the car a shiner, glossier look that is better than some of the best wax products on the market.


Onyx Coating TIP: Our team recommends that if you live in a region that is prone to developing rust, for example, is cold weather environments or coastal regions, a layer of Nano-Ceramic Coating can drastically reduce the potential of rust.


Onyx Nano-ceramic coating provides superior and professional protection products for your needs as a professional. 



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