Ceramic Coatings & Preserving a Legacy

When marketing ceramic coatings, often we see the modern, often high-end, cars used as marketing materials. Tesla Model S, Lamborghini Aventador, Chevrolet Corvette c8, and many others like them emblazon the advertising materials across this industry. But this leaves out a major portion of the automotive scene. The classic cars.

The Chevy Corvette c1, Jaguar E-type, the 64’ Ford Mustang, and so many more. Beautiful cars that are a part of this industry’s heritage. That are loved and cared for by some of the most dedicated motorheads out there. For years, these cars have been lovingly cared for and detailed, with regular waxing, servicing, and so much more.

This is where ceramic coatings come in, especially because a number of these cars have managed to maintain their original paint due to the incredible care that they have been given. With a ceramic coating, these vehicles can keep their beautiful lustre with ease. Going from needing to be waxed quarterly, to a simple annual maintenance check.

The hardened layer of a coating provides the perfect protection for these vehicles. Helping to avoid nicks and other damage. Taking the hits so the paint is protected, and kept looking immaculate. Letting you enjoy the classic drive without having to worry about how it will affect the paint.

Something that is helped by the hydrophobic, UV, and chemical resistant nature of ceramic coatings. Meaning that you can drive in rain or shine, and not have to worry about how the underlying paint will be affected. Keeping the weekend drive relaxing and letting you take in the experience rather then having to fret over the paint.

These cars were not just meant to sit in a garage and ogled. But to be driven, seen, and experienced. Taken out onto the road to feel the power of their engines, the smoothness of their drives, and the turn heads while doing so. With a ceramic coating protecting the paint, it helps these vehicles be experienced like they were meant to.

With the benefits of modern technology, we can keep breathing life into these vehicles, and keep them running for the world to see. Keeping the heritage and legacy of the automotive industry from being just pictures and descriptions. Helping them be living examples of history to be loved, appreciated, and experienced for years to come.

Photo courtesy of Sebastian Pichard via Pexels

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