5 incredible benefits of a Glass Coating

With the huge variety of products on the market that provide protection for automobiles both inside and outside, it’s safe to say that every car can be protected from top to bottom. One product that should not be left out when it comes down to creating a shield that wards off damage is Glass Coating. But what exact benefits does Glass Coating provide and why is it THE product that you really shouldn’t skip when protecting a car against damage? 


Ranging from hydrophobicity to UV resistance, Glass Coatings provide a long list of benefits for maintaining all glass surfaces on a car. 


Here are five undeniable benefits of our Glass Coating AF Plus: 

Benefit no. 1: Amazing Water Repellency 

The hydrophobic properties of this coating ensure that any liquid rolls right off the second it hits the coated surfaces. This also in turn prevents mud and other contaminants like bird droppings and insects remain from sticking to the surface. 


Benefit no. 2: Reduces light reflections, improves vision

This coating simply reduces light reflections, making driving a smooth process as it helps improve vision during sunny days.


Benefit no. 3: Improves visibility 

One of the most incredible benefits that this coating provides is increasing and improving visibility. When it rains it is often hard to see through a windscreen even when using window wipers. Due to the coating’s amazing water repellency and water beading, rain rolls off faster than ever making it easier to drive in the rain. 


Benefit no. 4: Easy Maintenance

Once the glass coating is installed, contaminants will simply rest on top of the coating rather than encrusting onto the surfaces. Any contaminants left behind are super easy to remove via a regular wash process. 


Benefit no. 5: Long-durability

All of these benefits last up to 1 year, meaning it’s the perfect addition to your car care maintenance routine. 


So there you have it! The five incredible benefits that our Glass Coating AF Plus supplies just don’t compare to any other glass protective product. For more reasons on why you should get one check out this blog article

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