3 ways to remove a Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coatings are known for their long duration and incredible protection. However, over time the ability to protect the exterior does decrease and therefore the current layer of ceramic coating needs to be updated. The first step in this process is removing the previous coating and preparing the exterior for a new one. In this blog article, we will be discussing the 3 ways you need to follow to remove a ceramic coating.


Why are these coatings so tough to remove?

The coatings contain a specific ingredient called SiO2 and Si3D which are silicates that when applied to a surface of a car become very hard. This hardness provides a layer of protection but is the biggest problem when it comes to removing the old ceramic coating and applying the new. To remove said coatings the car needs a hard polish and degreasing agent to remove the layer.

First of all, we stress the fact that if the coating isn’t removed properly, the next layer will not look neat or clean. Not only this but you do have to be extremely careful when removing the previous coating and not cause any permanent damage to the paintwork underneath. 


There are THREE methods to remove ceramic coatings

We want to make sure that you do this correctly- so we have done all the investigating for you! Now let’s get into the details: 


Using a chemical removal 

These ceramic coatings provide insane resistance against chemicals but cannot resist being removed by alkaline products. This product is used to remove the coating entirely but should be used with care. If used wrong this can cause permanent damage to the paintwork.

Clay in combination with other products

Combining clay with other products can be used as a method to remove ceramic coatings. When a ceramic coating has been applied after a couple of years it may deteriorate. This makes it easier to remove with a mixture of clay and iron dust remover. This can be done in combination with a polishing machine and rubbing compound to  completely remove the coating



The final method for removing a ceramic coating consists in polishing the surfaces. This is the most effective and trustworthy method to remove the layer of ceramic coating without causing any damage. It removes imperfections from the car’s paintwork making it easy to apply to the new layer.


For the last step before applying the new layer of ceramic coating, we recommend that you use a paint prep product to properly ensure that the surface is ready. Our Paint Prep prepares the exterior for a ceramic coating by removing all polish or wax residues, silicon, oil, and contamination. Its special formula prevents swirl marks, is safe for painted surfaces, and removes all contaminants producing an exterior as smooth as glass.


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