How Onyx Coating helps installers & detailers generate more revenue

How Onyx Coating helps installers and car detailers

At Onyx Coating we believe in manufacturing automotive protection and car care products that deliver premium quality and guarantee protection for vehicles of all types.

Our brand backs new upcoming installers and detailers as well as those that are already established. Not only do we believe in our products but we believe in the installers and detailers that support our brand and want to help them grow their companies as well as increase their revenue.

From the start of the process, starting with setting up distribution agreements to selling products and installing said products on clients’ cars, Onyx Coating understands the detailing process extremely well and helps both detailers and shop owners during every step of the way. Thereby making things extremely easy for detailers by supplying them with the exact products their clients demand that are of high quality, provide long duration, are technologically advanced and straightforward in terms of application.

Something that we are passionate about is helping our shop owners and detailers bring in more revenue by supplying said products that are quick to install and last long. By reducing the amount of time spent on installation, detailers can get more clients in and provide them with the services they need in a short amount of time.

Onyx Coating is one of the most advanced auto care companies on the market, using the latest technologies such as new ceramic coatings that require a one-coat layer and no longer require a base or topcoat like other brands. In comparison to other brands, the Onyx Coating products can be applied 2 times to the car paint to receive a lifetime warranty, whereas others need at least 4 to 6 layer applications to get this type of warranty.

Not only are our products premium quality, but so are our professional trainers and sales team. We train the installers and detailers with a step-by-step process that introduces them to the various products their clients are looking for and how to apply them. Our professional marketing team provides top-notch support to our installers about effective ways to generate more revenue and become more successful.

If you are an installer or professional detailer looking for new products that will wow your customers contact us at

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