Nano-Ceramic Coating vs. Traditional Wax

Many people struggle to understand the difference between car waxes and Nano-Ceramic Coatings. Nano Coatings provide more protection and deliver long-lasting results, but this isn’t the only benefit. In this article, we will discuss what are both car waxes and ceramic coatings made of, how they are applied, their benefits, and all of the reasons why a Nano Coating is the best option and protectant for exterior protection. 


What is Car Wax, how is it applied what are its benefits?

Car being waxed

Wax definitely once was the most popular type of autobody protectant that once applied will protect a car’s exterior between 1 and 3 months. Wax comes from a natural substance derived from the Copernicica Prunifera palm tree. The wax that is extracted from these trees is created by the trees so that they can protect its leaves from harsh exposure to the sun. This is why one of the benefits of wax is protected against weather conditions. This also gives the car protective against rain and mud due to its hydrophobic properties, 

The wax is combined with solvents and beeswax to create a similar protective layer on top of the car´s paint. It is applied by rubbing the wax onto the car´s exterior in a circular motion, letting it dry, and then buffing out the residue to leave a clean and shiny finish. 


What is Nano-Ceramic Coating, how is it applied & what are it´s benefits?

Nano-ceramic Coating

Nano-Ceramic Coating is a liquid polymer that is obtained from silica which is used in creating ceramic or glass products. The reason why the word nano is used is due to the size of the particles. These nanoparticles on the car’s exterior seal all the pores making the surface hydrophobic, resistant to UV rays, scratches, chemicals, and heat. 

Unlike wax, when the Ceramic Coating is applied it creates a chemical bond with the surface it´s applied on. Wax sits on tops of the paint´s surface and doesn´t create this bond therefore it has shorter durability and is less protective. The Nanoparticles form an impenetrable layer and create an inseparable bond with the car´s paintwork. This means it isn’t easily removed. This nanocoating forms an invisible layer that acts as a barrier similar to glass. 

To apply the Nano-Ceramic coating one must first clean the car´s exterior and remove any previously applied protectants such as wax. The next step is to apply the coating with an applicator, working in small areas. Once applied wipe the surface down with a microfiber towel, our Nano-Ceramic Coating kit comes with the best product for this, then let the car sit under a protected area for a few hours. 

Why Coatings are the Most Effective Option


Due to its duration wax isn’t the most effective long term solution for car exterior protection, it also needs to be reapplied every  4 to 6 weeks to obtain the maximum benefits. 

Benefits of a Ceramic Coating

Nano-Ceramic Coating is the better product in terms of car exterior protection as it is the best product out of the two for lengthening the life of a car, providing protection against chemicals, pollution, weather conditions and it makes the car exterior even more resistant towards UV rays compared to wax. 

The Nanoparticles allow the Ceramic Coating to bond to a car´s exterior and paintwork therefore it provides higher protection. It is also more hydrophobic meaning it is more resistant towards water therefore protecting the car’s paint surface like no other product.


Benefits of Nano coating:

All these reasons provide all the information you need to know when it comes to deciding between a wax coating and a Nano-ceramic coating. 

After applying a Nano-ceramic Coating you can also apply other products that help increase its durability and further protect a car’s exterior. At the end of this month, Onyx Coating will be releasing 3 products including a Hybrid Ceramic Spray which can be applied on a weekly basis. A Gloss enhancer and a waterless car wash spray!


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