3 Benefits of Ceramic Coatings

Onyx Ceramic Coatings protect your vehicle and leave a beautiful finish.

At Onyx Coating, we specialize in helping you protect your customers’ cars. Some of our best-selling products include our Onyx graphene and ceramic coatings. But what are ceramic coatings, and what makes them better than other protective coatings? 

What are ceramic coatings? 

Ceramic coatings are liquid nano polymers that, when applied to the surface of a car, form a super strong and protective barrier against pollutants, scratches, and other threats to your car’s appearance. Although other coating brands claim there is no harder coating than 9H, we use the latest technology to bring you the highest level of quality protection for your customers’ vehicles, with first of its kind 10H hardness. 

Protective qualities 

The first thing to know about our protective coatings is the level of protection they offer your customers’ cars. Onyx has the best coatings on the market and our nano-coating products are no exception. Our Graphene Pro 10H and N1 coatings provide a thicker layer of protection for your customers’ vehicles, up to 1,000 nm. It has a hardness of 10H and protects against chemical damage, scratches, and pollutants. 


Although Onyx coatings offer top-of-the-line protection, they don’t sacrifice the vehicle’s appearance. All of our Onyx graphene and ceramic coatings guarantee a super smooth and extremely glossy appearance from the finished product. Our coatings are invisible when applied, yet still super strong and hydrophobic. There are also no side effects to the original paint the coating is applied over. If you are looking for the best appearance with the most protection, Onyx graphene, and ceramic coatings should be your first choice. 


Finally, Onyx ceramic coatings have some of the longest quality guarantees on the market today. Through a strong chemical bonding process, the coating is infused with stock paint, allowing it to protect your customers’ cars even under heavy stress. After the coating is applied, regular maintenance is all that is needed to keep the vehicle looking perfect. Our Quartz coating comes with a 3-year quality guarantee and the Graphene Pro coating offers a lifetime guarantee. Onyx offers something for every budget and lifestyle. 

As an automotive expert, you know what you put on the outside of your car is just as important as what goes inside. Through first-of-it’s-kind technology, we guarantee your car’s appearance and protection. With Onyx graphene and ceramic coatings you can guarantee that protecting your car’s appearance isn’t an afterthought.

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