5 paint defects and how to fix them

At one point in time or another, all car detailers have experienced the same or similar paint defects, there are 5 common paint defects in particular that they find. In this blog article, we are going to outline, examine and resolve said paint defects.

Paint defects are visual discrepancies, that when handled with care can be easily and effectively removed. 


The 5 most common paint defects

1. Swirl Marks

These are marks left on the surface due to improper washing and drying techniques. As this is a process that is carried out on various occasions, these marks build up over time and end up forming what we can see as criss-cross marks. This also dulls the pain substantially. 

These marks are generally shallow and therefore can be removed by using a polishing or cutting pad. This should be used gently to remove these swirl marks and leave behind a gloss finish. 


2. Sanding marks 

Left behind by other detailers, the manufacturer or repairer, sanding marks are inflicted by hand or an orbital sander. Unlike swirl marks, these are quite deep and therefore a tad more difficult to remove. To take these off a heavier cutting pad on a larger orbital may be required. We also recommend microfiber cutting pads or wool pads. 


3. Holograms

When doing rotary or polishing work often a pattern of fine grooves is left by the circular motion of the tool. Depending on the depth of these marks, they can be removed with a finishing pad. However deeper marks might require different tools.


4. Scratches

Fine scratches can be polished out by applying a scratch removal product. Apply this onto a cutting pad and apply directly to the scratch. Work the product into the scratched area, as well as the surrounding area.

To remove deep scratches is wet the scratch and sandpaper and lightly polish until the finish looks dull and the scratch is no longer obvious. Then clean the surface with a microfiber towel.


5. Etching/stains

The car exterior is constantly exposed to various elements including rain, dust, dirt, contamination, bird droppings, and even rock salt and salt brine hit or sitting on the surface as you drive daily. To prevent this clean the exterior with a waterless wash if you see any bird droppings. The droppings not only can scratch the surface but also can cause permanent damage as the droppings themselves are acidic. 

We recommend applying a water spot remover instead of using regular tap water which contains minerals with a spray bottle onto the affected paint finish. Allow mixture to work for up to 10 minutes and in severe cases, we recommend polishing the affected area.


How to prevent paint defects in the future

1. Graphene Ceramic Coating

The advanced Nano-technology mixed with the properties of Graphene makes this coating the perfect, superior product in the Car Care industry that´s like no other. It provides the ultimate shield for painted surfaces, metal surfaces, metal, and glass against damage with its 100% guaranteed chemical, scratch, and pollutant resistance that lasts a lifetime.


2. Quartz Ceramic coating

Enhance the reflective properties of a car´s paint by adding a smooth, deep shine and glossy finish with the 9H Nano Ceramic Coating manufactured with the latest Nano-coating technology.

The Nano-particles within this product combine the protectant with the exterior, forming an invisible layer of protection up to 800nm that is impermeable. Its flexibility makes it applicable to painted surfaces, metal surfaces as well as paint and glass.


3. Hybrid Ceramic Coating Spray

Onyx Coating hybrid ceramic spray is unlike any ceramic spray in the detailing world. Thanks to nano-ceramic technology and the power of Onyx Coating polymer technology helps increase water, bugs, and grime repellency. Our hybrid ceramic spray leaves behind a mirror gloss finish and streak-free finish. 


To prevent these common defects in the future keep up with maintenance and make sure that the exterior has some level of protection, may that be a wax or a ceramic coating. 

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