Maintaining a Ceramic Coating for a Lifetime of Protection

Time moves on, and nothing lasts forever. So why do companies promise lifetime protection? That is where some transparency needs to come in, and that is why this article exists. In our listings, we do our best to make it clear that our products will protect your vehicle for up to ten years with proper care. As with anything else in life, a coating cannot be completely neglected. Yes, it will protect the paint from all sorts of damage, but it takes the wear itself to do so. Meaning that to keep up the protection, it will need some minimal care and basic automotive common sense to keep it shining. So, how do we recommend making your coating last that 10 years and come out the other end looking like new? It’s quite simple, and not much different from how you typically take care of a car.

First, make sure that you store the vehicle properly. Where it is not always possible to park the car undercover, try to do so when it is at home. Preferably in a garage to further protect it from damage. This will extend the damage protection from UV, minimise debris hitting the car, and other various bits of damage that could wear away at the coating. This will physically stop the coating from taking unnecessary damage and prolong its life.

Second, when parking your car, try to avoid parking under trees or in areas that risk dropping hard materials, animal droppings, saps, harsh chemicals etc. As these will still wear away at the coating. Also, when cleaning dried material such as animal droppings, make sure to rehydrate the droppings before cleaning them off. If you attempt to scratch them off while they are dry, you risk damaging the coating, if not the underlying paint if enough force was used.

Third, when washing the car, make sure that it is being treated with soaps that are intended for ceramic coatings. The reason for this is that some soaps are heavily basic, and put unnecessary strain on ceramic coatings. Otherwise, give it the same time, love, and care that you typically would, and the car will stay looking show ready. This can be a trap for people who are not aware, so keep it in mind when buying soaps for ceramic coated vehicles.

Finally, give it a yearly touch up. Unlike doing the full job of coating your car, or even waxing it, this process is a typical spot check. Whether you have an eye for it, or if you would prefer a professional look at it, give the car a look. If the coating in a certain spot is looking notably thin or has taken some form of damage, repair the coating as necessary by having a professional remove the damaged material and replace it with a new coating. The length of this process will vary depending on how the car has been treated and any other conditions, but it is typically quite short. As well as being significantly shorter overall than the quarterly clay bar, buff, and ceramic spray you would give a vehicle.

As we said at the start, nothing lasts forever, but with some basic care and our recommended annual maintenance, our coatings will keep your vehicles protected for at least 10 years. With your paint trapped below the coating layer, your car will be looking like new for years to come. With only some minor maintenance work being needed to keep the coating like new. Whether its your daily drive, weekend special, or that collection piece you take out for a treat, we’ve got you covered.





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