3 tips for expertly caring for a Ceramic Coated car

3 tips for expertly caring for a Ceramic Coated car

Many question how exactly is the best way to care for a ceramic coated car and what exact products are required to assist in this maintenance. In this blog article, we are going to list a few specific ways you can care for the exterior and most importantly, keep the coating intact.  


Step 1- weekly waterless washdown 

First of all, the key to preventing damage to the ceramic coating is ensuring the exterior is clean. Although this step might seem a bit excessive in terms of maintenance, it is exactly what the coating needs. We recommend that you use a waterless wash spray to remove any potentially harmful contaminants on the exterior before they build up. 

Why is it necessary to pay attention to frequent washing? 

Water spotting is one of the central reasons why you should clean a car’s exterior at least once a week with a waterless spray. It occurs when the exterior is wet and left with sulfur and calcium on the surface which sequentially leaves marks that are no longer easy to remove if they are left for longer periods of time.

Although ceramic coatings do a fantastic job in preventing water spots, if left uncared for and on the surface for too long the water spots themselves become difficult to remove. 


Step 2- hand wash the exterior

If you are unsure how to effectively wash the car without causing any damages or scratches check out this blog article. This should be done every two weeks to guarantee that any potentially coating damaging particles are removed. This is a simple process that when completed every 2 weeks the coating will continue to fulfill its job both protecting the exterior and adding an extra glossy shine.


Step 3- 6 month check-up & decontamination wash

Third of all, we strongly recommend that within 6 months of applying a ceramic coating to complete a clean of the exterior as some particles just don’t wash off with a quick, normal wash e.g. brake dust or tar. 

Although washing the exterior every few weeks does do the job, there are some particles that simply cannot be removed by a simple hand wash.  Every 6 months (to a year) we recommend that you get Ceramic Coating decontamination to remove all embedded particles that are impossible to remove with one hand wash. 


Build up of potentially exterior damaging particles:

The key to maintaining a ceramic coating is taking all the preventive measures necessary to impede any dirt or contamination damaging the surface. When not cared for, over time dirt particles, tar, brake dust, etc. all build-up which in turn obstructs the coating from doing its job. 


The importance of removing tar and iron 

This step must be done by a car detailer using two products: an Iron & Tar remover. 

The first step is to apply the iron remover to dissolve all of these particles. Once it has been on the exterior for a few minutes rinse the exterior. Then go in with a tar remover with a microfiber towel, rinse and wipe the exterior carefully.  Just with these two products, the exterior will return to having that glossy, deep glow as well as having the hydrophobic layer that was before covered in contamination. 


This decontamination wash needs to be done by someone who knows exactly how to wash the exterior with the right products and cause zero damage to both the coating and the paintwork.


So there you have it! Our three top steps to expertly care for a ceramic coated car. 


Our latest product that provides the ultimate protection is our Graphene Ceramic Coating with a 10H it creates a superior barrier against damage. For more information about the differences between each coating check out this blog article. 

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