Ceramic Coatings and Hot Surfaces

Ceramic coatings are more versatile than most would expect. When most of us think of a beautiful coating, we think of a full body done up and made to shine like a mirror. But what about the other components on a car? The glass, the trimmings, what about the exhaust, turbo, or radiator cover? Well ceramic coatings can cover all of these, protect them from damage, and keep them looking stunning. This article is here to address some common questions and fears, and act as a resource of knowledge for everyone looking to make every nook and cranny shine.

So first, lets talk about the kind of heat that coatings can handle. Our coatings are rated up to 600°C or about 1100°F. They can handle a lot of heat, and this has a few major benefits. The first is that it will not melt or distort the finish. Even when running at high performance, the coating will remain undisturbed by the heat. Keeping the car looking just as hot as the parts its protecting. This also means that the coating will not discolour with use, as the coating remains completely clear.

A coating on a hot surface also comes with another benefit, anti-corrosion. Because the coating is physically covering the outside surface of the structure, there is no way for dirt, water, or even oxygen to properly cover the part and cause damage. Without that inroad to the bare metal, it makes it significantly harder for corrosion to develop. Making the parts last longer, while looking unbelievable.

This also has another benefit for under the hood. Because ceramic coatings are heat resistant, they can be used to coat whatever is under the hood. Whether you just want the car to be show ready, or are looking for a way to preserve the engine parts, a good coating may be just the answer that you are looking for. With the parts appropriately sealed, corrosion and engrained dirt will not be a problem. This can keep the engine running for longer, with less problems, all while looking like it is fresh off of the show floor.

Because the coating also stops contaminants from leeching into the metal, it also makes cleaning easier. This can be a massive benefit when caring for your vehicle. Especially when you are dealing with the engine block. Given the fumes, dirt, oil, and everything else that rattles around under the hood, it is not an uncommon sight to see engines in need of a deep clean. By coating your engine, you can cut down on time spent cleaning the engine, along with helping it to last longer.

Whether it’s a supercar that you want to turn heads, a muscle car that you want to roar, your immaculate project hot rod, or whatever else it may be, a ceramic coating can protect it all over. From top to bottom, inside and out, no matter the heat.

Photo Credit to jae park on PEXELS

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