Three Ceramic Coating maintenance steps you mustn’t skip

A ceramic coating is the simplest way to ensure the protection of your car’s exterior. However, it does require a bit of maintenance. There are three easy steps to keeping up with your ceramic coating’s protection.


Step 1: Weekly Waterless Wash

The first step to preventing damage to any ceramic coating is ensuring the exterior is clean. Although this step might seem a bit excessive in terms of maintenance, weekly cleaning of your vehicle is exactly what the coating needs. We recommend using a waterless wash spray to prevent the build-up of potentially harmful contaminants.


Step 2: Bi-weekly Clean with Soap and Water

We recommend a car wash with soap and water every two weeks to guarantee that any potentially damaging particles are removed. Where the coating provides protection, this step helps to protect the coating so it can protect the paint for even longer. Again, it may be a bit excessive, but it helps to guarantee the longevity of the coating. 


Step 3: Half Year Checkups and Maintenance Clean

Finally, we strongly recommend a complete clean of the exterior within 6 months of applying a ceramic coating. This helps remove particles that don’t come off in a normal wash, such as brake dust or tar. As a part of this process, an optional hybrid wax can also be applied to reinforce the coating if you want that extra level of protection. 


Ceramic coatings are hands down the best choice in protection for your car. Although maintenance on them can seem like a pain, you’ll be rewarded with peace of mind knowing your car will look great and be protected for the foreseeable future.

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