The 4 step process for cleaning car wheels

Clean wheels in 4 easy steps (2)

There are many different recommended ways to both clean the car and the wheels. As car experts, we advise you to start with cleaning the wheels first when it comes to washing a car. This prevents any particles on the wheels from water splashing onto the car exterior. Make sure to use a separate wash and rinse bucket for the wheels and car.

In this blog article, we will discuss the 4-step process that makes it easy and effective to clean wheels.



-Wheel cleaner spray 



-A wash mitt

-Wheel brush/woolie (microfiber brush)

1. Pre-wash the wheels

Rinse the wheels first using a high-pressure hose or spray nozzle to remove all debris, dirt, mud, dust, salt, grease, etc. 


2. Use a wheel cleaner (non-acidic), from any brand of your choice and spray this into the wheel wells as well as on the wheel in general. 

The reason why we suggest non-acidic wheel cleaners is so that you won’t breathe in the chemicals nor will it damage your skin if you are cleaning without gloves. 

Be careful with choosing the tools to clean the wheels. If you use a rough brush you could scratch the rim. We recommend using a wash mitt and a wheel brush that looks something like this

We recommend that you follow a top to bottom technique, using gravity in your favor. Let it sit for 3 minutes to give the chemicals time to properly remove grease, dirt, grime, and built-up particles. 


3. Spray the tires with the wheel spray

 Grab a bucket and fill it with water and soap so that you can clean the brushes as you clean the wheels. The best technique that we can recommend is starting from the top and working your way down. Make sure to use the wheel cleaning brush to reach back into the wheel wells. Once you have cleaned each section with the wheel brush, grab the wash mitt and clean each section again.


4. Rinse to remove all soap and chemicals with fresh water

PRO TIP: If you are washing the car weekly you will not need a heavy wheel cleaner product. You can use regular car wash soap. However, grease, oil, brake dust can build up over time so we recommend that every few months you use a proper wheel cleaner and deep clean the rim and the wheel wells. 

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