Leading Ceramic Coating Brand Onyx Coating welcomes new international distributors

The team at Onyx Coating are continuing their path of international expansion. Today Onyx Coating has announced new distribution partnerships in multiple countries worldwide; NanoTech Solutions of Norway have been awarded distribution rights over all Scandinavian countries (Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway). In recent weeks Onyx Coating also signed distribution agreements with Kwangilmayeon of South Korea and Clean My Ride 69 of France. The addition of these new distributors brings Onyx Coating to an overall distribution network covering more than 40 countries.

Ahmad Madi, Sales Director at Onyx Coating, announced the new partnerships to the public and welcomed the new distributors to the Onyx Coating family by stating: “We are very excited to announce the newly signed distribution partnerships in Scandinavia, South Korea, and France. We are passionate about achieving our mission to bring the quality of our Onyx Coating products to car owners and car care professionals worldwide. We know this can only be possible thanks to our local Distribution Partners’ help, who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Onyx Coating team”.

Ceramic coating, the flagship product in the Onyx Coating range, is an innovative technology with the characteristic of being hydrophobic (water repellent) and oleophobic (oil repellent). When applied as a surface layer on car paint, ceramic coating repels dry particles, water, oil, and dirt, making the car paint surface anti-corrosive, UV resistant, high temperature resistant, and resistant to chemical compounds.

Onyx Coating leaders in automotive protective coating products


Onyx Coating is lifting the standard in car care products with a comprehensive series of automotive care products available to professional users and car owners alike. The Onyx Coating products range includes external ceramic coatings, interior fabric, leather coatings, and paint preparation wax and silicone removers of the highest quality.

For more information, please contact the PR Team at Onyx Coating info@onyxcoating.com.au.

About Onyx Coating
Onyx Coating was founded in 2015 to provide car care professionals, auto enthusiasts, and car owners with the highest quality car care products at competitive prices. Customer service excellence is at the heart of Onyx Coating’s success. The team at Onyx Coating remains dedicated to providing the market with uniquely capable products, accessories, and specialist knowledge.

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