The top car care products you’ll need this summer

The top car care products you’ll need this summer

With Summer being just a few weeks from being in full swing, we thought we’d list the top car care products that you’ll need to protect any vehicle under the hot sun.

Besides the obvious, meaning car sunshades, and car covers there are some very specific products that will be essential this summer for your or your client’s vehicles. In this blog article, we are going to list the top products that will be the perfect summer protection kit.


1. Waterless Wash

One of the products we recommend to everyone to have it in their glove compartment is a waterless wash. Why? When out and about, many contaminants, including bird droppings, can be left of the exterior. When left in the sun these can potentially damage the paintwork permanently. 


Bird droppings are specifically the biggest issue as they contain acid that can break down the paintwork. This is exactly why having the waterless wash on hand is key to protecting the exterior. The second you see a bird dropping, grab the spray and apply it to the exterior. Make sure not to rub as bird droppings also contain rocks and any movement with applied pressure can cause scratches. 


We recommend trying to catch the bird droppings before they dry. If you come across a dry dropping, use a car care product like the Onyx Coating Waterless Wash to remove it. Layer on the spray while holding a microfibre towel underneath for extra product. Wipe the dropping away in one direction. For extra protection, you can use a ceramic coating spray or gloss enhancer.


2. Temporary protective products

There are three main products that can leave the exterior protected for under a year. The first of these products can be applied at home which is why we recommend having these on hand if you don’t have a ceramic coating installed. 


-Hybrid Ceramic spray 

The first is a Hybrid Ceramic Spray that is unlike any ceramic spray in the detailing world. Thanks to nano-ceramic technology and the power of Onyx Coating polymer technology helps increase water, bugs, and grime repellency. Our hybrid ceramic spray leaves behind a mirror gloss finish and streak-free finish. 


Gloss enhancer

The Onyx Coating gloss enhancer creates an unbelievable high-gloss finish and refreshes the painted finish of vehicles. It restores and maintains the original sparkle and shine that makes a car glisten in the sunlight. The deeper and richer glow provided by the gloss enhancer adds to a vehicle’s curb appeal. Simply spray it on and wipe it off to enrich automotive paints for low-level, one-month protection. 


-Car wax 

If you are looking for a secondary layer of protection that is also temporary, we suggest that you get a wax applied to the exterior. This protects the exterior from the acidity of bird droppings as well as from UV damage. However, it does not protect the exterior to the extent that a ceramic coating does. So if you are looking for the ultimate layer of protection we recommend getting a Graphene Ceramic Coating.


3. Ceramic Coating 

Graphene Ceramic Coatings are the latest innovative technology-infused products that have been shown to outperform ceramic coatings. They have become particularly more and more accepted among detailers because of their hardness as well as anti-static properties. So what exactly are they and how do they outperform other ceramic coatings? 

The combination of Nano-technology and the properties of Graphene, including its flexibility, transparency, highly conductive, and impermeability make it the perfect material for protecting an exterior. It’s the product for a lifetime of protection against exterior contaminants, scratches, and more that can be applied to paint, metal and wheels.


This coating will protect the exterior from the strong summer sun by adding a layer of protection against the UV rays. Not only this but the coating also:


That’s all the products you will need this summer to prevent permanent damage to the exterior and in general!

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