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How To Become An Onyx Coating Distributor

Supply top-of-the-line quality, game changing and durable products to your clients so they can up their protection and maintenance game. Onyx Coating products provide the ultimate shine and protection all established with innovative technology.

Build Credibility And Trust

Becoming an Onyx Coating certified installer will build credibility and trust with your clients. Our products provide premium quality that is unmatched and guarantees proper protection may that be interior or exterior.

Maximize Your Profits

As a certified installer, you instantly stand out from your competitors and get a competitive advantage based purely on reliability. The result? A lion’s share of the local market, trusted by even the most discerning buyers.

Keep Your Clients Coming Back

Each Onyx Coating product is designed to last a lifetime of use with minimum maintenance requirements. The ultra-smooth finish and extreme durability ensure that your clients get an unmatched level of quality every single time, setting you apart from other detailers in the area.

Add to this the expansive training provided by our award-winning trainers and you’ll have the expertise required to expand your range of services and scale your revenue.

Backed By Research and Proof

Our products are the culmination of years of research by an innovative R&D team. As a result, each ceramic coating product comes with a 10H hardness certification and N1 smoothness level.

Unlike other brands that claim to have 10H technology, Onyx Coating backs the promise with an SGS lab report. As one of the few detailers to use a world-class product, this makes your services more favorable within the marketplace.

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